Mothers Day Blessings for You!

Welcome Note From Iona:
Thanks for visiting the May, 2006 issue of Handmaidens Webzine. This is our fifth issue since our recent "revival," and I am standing all amazed at the Grace of God in making it all come together. We have some great new staff writers. Be sure to check out their stuff.
Special Letter to YOU from Jerri:
This could be the best letter you ever got! It'll set you free!
Help Wanted:
Writers: We are still seeking a few staff writers. To apply for staff writer positions, please review our Guidelines and submit a sample of your work via e-mail. Of course article submissions are always welcome, even if you're not interested in a staff position.
Site Reviewers: We also need folks to surf the net and suggest sites for us to feature. Again, e-mail me if you want to help.
How to Enjoy the Webzine:
Like a full fledged paper magazine, our webzine has LOTS of material... more than you can cover in one visit, so plan to come back often... Just start anywhere and using the topic links in the upper right corner of every page, browse till your heart's content.
You may also want to print out some pages to read at your leisure or share with friends.
Share the Webzine with Others:
Simply copy this URL and paste it into e-mails to those you think might be blessed by our content.

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